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01 01 11 - Decision Time
Lovely day
I decided this morning that I am going to use this blog only for my "Favorite Things" posts. I may transfer them over to my post-grad blog, as I like it much better than LiveJournal, but we'll see. Maybe I'll just cut out use of this blog all together... it has a lot of history but maybe its about time I move on.

Happy New Year!

1. Tasty glazed cupcakes!

2. Thinking about tea parties (I'm having one for Trudy/my birthdays!

3. Hooray for the new year! Even though I STILL have no plans. Ugh.

4. This looks SO good. I need to learn to make crepes, now that I know how to make macarons (more or less)

5. I'm just LOVING T. Swift's new CD

This is the song I have stuck in my head right now but I love all of them.

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Christmas edition!

1. These cute ornaments

2. These cute cookies

3. This cutest picture

4. Christmas lights on EVERYTHING

5. This cute movie

6. This is beautiful but definitely impractical

7. This lovely collage

8. Even though this mess would probably make me anxious in person, I find it kind of nice in this picture

9. I don't love cats but this picture is fantastic


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Lovely day

1. Landshark!

2. This is exactly how I feel about happiness and doing things for others

3. Believe it or not...

I don't know how this whole "Mary's in charge of the world" thing came about. Maybe it's just because I always have to be in control of every aspect of my life and often others' lives as well. Maybe I don't like to take crap from anybody. Maybe I try not to let things get in the way of what I want or where I want to be. Whatever it was, I find it so amusing that my friends think I can do things just because I'm Mary Palin.

4. Birthdays. Last night we celebrated Emily's 21st at Chino Latino. I didn't get home til midnight. It was a success, I'd say.

5. Taking a day off. My day won't be as exciting as Ferris Bueller's but I'm happy for the break.

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Lovely day

1. Is this true?

2. These look kind of gross but I've always wanted to try a fancy donut like this

3. I LOVE glitter and glitter eyes

4. SO. IN. LOVE.

5. This would be fun

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1. Positive thinking. I feel like I have to constantly remind myself to think positively (and I'm sure I'm not the only one). Taking a step back and looking at my life, things are pretty good right now.

2. These are beautious. I'm making frosted sugar cookies to bring to Winona this weekend for study breaks. I'm excited.

3. This frustrates me but makes me feel a little better about that certain someone I've been thinking about all day because we listened to a movie soundtrack at work today that he introduced me to. Ugh.

4. I'm thinking about Chicago again. I want to go at the end of January as a sort of birthday present for myself but then I got to thinking and I'll probably fly out to Chicago in March, maybe Oshkosh for OPE, then I want to take Liz to D.C. in June and then come August, hopefully I'll be in Colorado full time. That's a lot of traveling for a girl who's starting to pay off her student loans... still, you only live once, right?

5. This could not be truer about me.

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Today, a few of my favorite things that I'm thankful for. :)

1. Friends & family

2. People who stand up for what they believe in

3. Strong women who set a good example for women everywhere

Italy's Member of the European Parliament Licia Ronzulli takes part with her baby in a voting session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on September 22

(Sorry for being a creep, Ms. Aby, and taking this picture from your FB but I think you, Anne and Audrey are amazing.)

4. Examples that love does exist (even if its on TV)

5. Optimism

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I decided to do something a little different today and compile YouTube videos of some of my favorite songs. Hope you enjoy these!

Here is the list of favorites- you have to click on the link below to see my choices and the YouTube videos. I didn't want to "spam" up anyone's LiveJournal. :)
1. My favorite song that reminds me of a wonderful time in my life (and the reason I decided to do this today)
2. My new favorite song
3. My favorite song that only the cool kids have heard of
4. My favorite Lady Gaga song
5. My favorite song from my childhood
6. My favorite Christmas song
7. My favorite song from the 80s
8. My favorite song to turn up as loud as possible in the car
9. My favorite romantic song
10. My favorite song from a movie

Click here for my choices for favorites on the above listCollapse )
I use my Firefox once a week to make this post (for whatever reason, Google Chrome doesn't let me open all the links in a bookmark folder at one time but Firefox does so its easier) and MAN can I tell the difference in speed. Its unbelievable! If you don't have Google Chrome as your browser, I highly recommend you download it.

1. I think I'd like a hanging day bed on my porch someday. I can just imagine wonderful summer afternoons taking naps in the warm breeze. Ahhh...

2. I really want to see Pee Wee on Broadway.

3. This is honestly all I did in high school. Oh the memories.

4. The women of SNL. I finally got around to watching the special that was on a couple weeks ago and it was hilarious. I love Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig.

5. I love a good flash mob

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Champagne Thursday

1. HPOT (It will always be one of my favorites)

2. Oh my the cutest Halloween costume!

3. This is true. I've been feeling like my life is so up in the air right now. Sometimes this brisk fall air is exactly what I need to think.

4. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Someday I'll either throw a party in a vineyard or own a vineyard and then throw a party in it. Either one works.

5. Just watched Toy Story 3 again. Its as amazing as it was the first time and I have a feeling it'll always be AMAZING.

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I need a drink after listening to Michelle Bachmann right now. Ugh.
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